Tuesday, 16 August 2011

20 Days. 15 Hours. Not that I’m counting . . .

In fact I can’t wait. I’ve spent so much time researching the trip I really want to go now. Most people I know have had, or are having their summer holiday, and I am very jealous.
The change of Blog design however does not bode well for what may be in store for me. The west of Scotland has had more rain this year than anywhere else. I keep telling myself it WILL get better. Last year in Orkney, also known for its poor weather record, I actually had one of the hottest weeks they had that year, so I am hoping for a repeat in the Highlands. I will change the Blog design again to reflect the changing conditions, hopefully.
Big thank you to everyone who sent in recommendations for places to visit. I will need three months to see them all, but now have a good idea of where to go and what to look out for. Although I’m not sure about budgie jumping off the Forth Bridge!
Hope you can find the time to look in on my travels from the 6th September, and see what I am getting up to. . . . back in 20 days 14 hours . .